Choosing a communications partner can feel like deciding between emerald and green – after a while, it all starts to look the same.

Agencies have become bogged down in process and cookie-cutter approaches that are predictable and uncreative, with staid thinking that hasn’t changed in decades.

Headstand is a consultancy, equally at home crafting strategies or executing the day-to-day. No templates, no preconceived team structure – it’s easy for clients to work with us because we work according to client needs, not our own. We take a personal approach to client service and look at each assignment through its own lens to curate ideas and programming that separates your brand from the crowd.


Forging our own path.

When we envisioned Headstand, we did so with the goal of working with vibrant client partners and aligning with companies where our passions ignite. When an opportunity comes our way that prompts a spontaneous team brainstorm, we know we’re onto something.