A new way of doing new business.

We’re selective when it comes to clients, meaning we choose our clients as much as they choose us. That also means we say no sometimes. While to others that may seem limiting - even scary -  to our team and our clients it’s empowering.

This also means that our new business process is different from most. We evaluate each opportunity through a lens of its potential inspiration and impact. We will have as many questions for you as you will for us. Experience tells us clients appreciate this greater level of transparency as it helps them choose the right agency partner. Ultimately, that might not be Headstand. And that’s okay.

This also means it’s rare that we will respond to the traditional RFP, an often fractured and dated process. However, because of our strong belief in our capabilities and ideas, Headstand is open to “testing the waters” with prospects in a number of ways so that you get to know our thinking - that might be a workshopping a current business challenge or brainstorming a high-impact creative campaign.

RFP: We rarely respond to RFPs.

The time spent on RFPs takes away from providing our clients with the best possible service.